Before You Know It – Fall Fitness and Transitions

Before you know it, we will be in the next season.  Whether it is back to school or just the next season of our lives.  Summer isn’t even over we are looking ahead to the next season.  We are headed into fall.  It is a time of transition as summer and all the hope it holds gives way to school and fall schedules and routines.  Some welcome the routine back into their lives, others are sad that another season is ending.  I’m a summer girl – I enjoy the simpler schedules, long days, being outside and (shhh) for the most part, I really don’t mind the heat!   But we all have to move on, every one moves on.

Regardless how you feel about transitioning to fall, keep your health and fitness plans transitioning as well with my Fall Fitness Solutions.   Watch for details and be sure to opt into emails at to get a special discount!