Thriving Through Transitions

All seasons transition into the next season.
We transition too.
Life does not stop for transitions. Transitions are part of life.
We get to choose how we transition.
We choose who we transition to.

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“Witch” Way Do You Do Halloween?

“Witch” Way Do You Do Halloween? By Theresa Vermillion Does the idea of having free-range sugar around for hours on end elevate your stress to the point where you need something salty just to balance out?   Do you secretly freak because you are sure you lack the discipline to […]

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It’s Not a Job, It’s a JOY!

This week, I’m thinking about JOY. Sometimes, when we are caught up in the details of eating right, working out, taking care of ourselves, we start to feel like it is a chore.  It may feel tedious, or worse, like it is something we have to do.  We forget that making the […]

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What Does “Fitness” Mean to You?

I’m thinking about “fitness”. What does the word “fitness” mean to you? Fitness and health is a subject we see, hear, or talk about almost every day. There are many benefits to being physically active. You have probably heard some of them. Many reasons for being physically fit are related […]

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Breakfast is Ready! (Refrigerator Oatmeal)

Make Ahead Refrigerator Oatmeal. Having a healthy breakfast ready in the morning makes the morning rush a little smoother and keeps you from running out the door without enough calories to sustain you.  We all keep hearing about how oatmeal is one of those super foods we should eat more […]

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Do the Holidays with a Health and Fitness Plan

Having a Health and Fitness Plan During the Holidays Is Good Two weeks til Thanksgiving, six weeks til Christmas, seven weeks til New Years…  are you giving up? The passage of time is a tricky thing when you don’t feel like time is passing. So where are you in terms […]

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