Hi, I'm Theresa!

I am passionate about guiding women to transform their lives by coaching them to empower their mind, embrace their body, elevate their lives, and put themselves back on their own to do list! 

Most of all, I want women to feel amazing in their own skin and be healthy – mind, body, and spirit – by changing the way that they move, eat, and think. My certification is a broader scope of practice than a personal trainer, because I specialize in fitness training, nutritional help, and mindset. 

That being said, I believe that YOU are the expert on YOU! I am your GUIDE. I PARTNER with you to come up with your goals and how best to achieve them and then help you down your best path to success!

What is a "Health Coach" Anyway?

With so many people calling themselves a “coach” these days, it is hard to know just what that means to different people. Coaching is a relatively new field of service based on helping you identify obstacles and discovering ways to remove them to create your best, most abundant, successful life.

I use the word “coach” because that is what my accredited certification says: ACE Certified Health Coach! 

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