Thriving Through Transitions

Theresa Vermillion

April 3, 2020

It is so interesting to hear the different ways people are referring to the global pandemic we are currently experiencing. The outbreak of the Carona virus and subsequent physical distancing has spun us off our tracks and into free fall.

A lot of the chatter refers to “getting through this” and “challenging times” and “when this is over”. Are you waiting for things to return to “normal”?
I want to encourage you to shift that expectation.
Don’t wait for anything.
Don’t wish for this to be over.
We are here, now.
Life is not on hold.

I do think this is a season.
We are going through something.
It is a serious experience that comes with a lot of extreme emotions we don’t normally feel in the same day, let alone all at once. I’ve felt the grief, the fear, the sadness,(especially for the high school kids, college kids, and athletes).
I’ve experienced the worry, disruptions and adjustments.

All season change into the next season.
Spring does not change back into the winter. Spring transitions into summer.
We transition too.
We get to choose how we transition. We get to choose what we transition into.
Who are you going to become through this?

Life exists in the transitions AND in the routines.
Be aware and intentional for all of it. Life happens during the “challenging times” also. This is why I think, even though this is a very serious situation, it is important to have fun and keep it light. It is good to laugh and not take everything serious.

I encourage you to realize life is not waiting for you to be ready for “normal”. Life is still happening, right now.
This season, this transition is normal. Transitions are normal.

So with all the introspection and reflection about life, what it is about, what matters to us, my question for you to think about is this;
What do you want to be different on “the other side” of this?
Who do you want to be? Now and in the future?
What can you do to make it happen for you?

What can you do to create a beautiful way of living and thinking and feeling and doing, for now, the future and all the transitions that get us there?