What Does “Fitness” Mean to You?

I’m thinking about “fitness”.

What does the word “fitness” mean to you?

Fitness and health is a subject we see, hear, or talk about almost every day.

There are many benefits to being physically active. You have probably heard some of them. Many reasons for being physically fit are related to health. While those reasons are all good, there are general benefits that everyone can relate to and you don’t need a medical dictionary to understand.

Here are my top 12:

• Increases Energy
• Reduces Stress
• Improves Mental Alertness
• Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
• Improves Sleep
• Reduces Health Care Costs
• Helps Prevent Injury
• Helps Reduce Body Fat
• Improves Immune System
• Increases Muscular Strength
• Daily Activities Are Easier
• Improves Quality Of Life

What are you thinking?