“Witch” Way Do You Do Halloween?

“Witch” Way Do You Do Halloween? By Theresa Vermillion

Does the idea of having free-range sugar around for hours on end elevate your stress to the point where you need something salty just to balance out?  

Do you secretly freak because you are sure you lack the discipline to resist the temptation of the sweet treats and you know you are going to have to start your diet again, tomorrow?

Do you see Halloween as a night to eat, drink and be merry; diet be damned?    

Maybe you are a “One and done” type?  No resistance needed.

Or is it scary as you dread all the extra calories loaded into a bowl so easy to get to?

Perhaps you think you are going to “Try” and not eat too much sugar.  And that lasts about 5 minutes after the first Trick-or-Treaters.

Obvi – the treats aren’t good for us.  But I prefer treats over the tricks. 

Here is what I want you to realize.  Almost ALL of the above scenarios are based in FEAR.  But don’t let that creep you out.

Whichever scenario above you find yourself relating to the most,  remember you always have a choice.  

You can choose differently in every moment.  If you choose to eat treats, enjoy it.  No guilt.  If you choose not to, enjoy it.  No deprivation. Let go of judgment.

Make sure your choice is rooted in love.  Yes, love yourself.  Love your body, inside and out.

And Stay Strong.